Launching an app to Google Playstore

Finally you are over with development after spending days and nights to make this app ready to market. You implemented all nice features and are confident that the targeted audience will love your app. You have already exhausted yourself by putting all your efforts in the most important stage of this journey called development and you believe that it would be a matter of a day to publish it to android store.

Well, it is not that simple. If you are serious about the app and intend to support it in future and earn money from it, you have to take few extra steps. Publishing on Google Playstore needs registration. It is a one time activity and costs few bucks. Once you are a registered user, you can publish apps.

It is recommended that you publish your app in alpha or beta test cycles and gather initial feedback of your testing team. The reason being the feedback will be private and you can improve your app before moving it to production. I have seen apps in Play store with horrible feedback. Perhaps they were in a hurry to publish it to users.

Google Play store needs some additional resources in addition to the apk file. These resources include a tagline, product description, icons, screenshots of app features and few more images of specific resolutions. Make sure you spend ample time in creating these resources as they make the first impression on user even before they try your app.

Some of the useful utilities handy in creating these resources are –

1. Android asset studio – This helps you in creating icons for different screen resolutions. You can upload an image and it allows you to download the icons as zip file.

2. – If you are not so fond of graphics, you probably lack tools to create great images for your branding. is a descent image editing software and provides ample features for creating impressive images. It is lighter than Photoshop and is free.

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